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Hello Friends,

My name is Eren Niazi.  I have over a decade of experience in executive management of high-tech firms and a proven track record of creating and growing highly successful IT companies.  Through my vast interactions in the tech industry, I’ve made countless friends with executives and other experts of similar interests and passions.  

One day, I thought to myself-why not use the resources I have at my disposition-my friends and our collective know-how, to make the world a little bit better?  And so the was born, with a mission straight from our hearts to reach out to worthy causes using our skills and talents in the field of Information Technology.  We are different from most other charitable institutions in the sense that we do not accept any donations whatsoever-monetary or otherwise.  Our tech experts offer service in the form of their free time, knowledge and experience.  Everything we do is free to qualified organizations and we are 100% non-profit.

What is the need?

In today’s tight economic times, charities are facing dire budget situations and urgently need assistance of all types.  Most charities don’t have deep pockets necessary to access high-end technology solutions.  Moreover, with the fast paced world that we live in today, the effective use of technology is more critical than ever for optimizing the efficiency of charitable institutions. wants to help address this very issue.  

Over the years, our team of professionals has individually contributed to numerous needy causes.  Now, through we have the opportunity to reach much broader by working together as one cohesive, determined force.

What do we do?

Our motto is "Technology for Charities." We offer comprehensive technological solutions by leveraging our commercial experience in cutting edge techniques that deliver reliable results. We mentor charities and provide the services, software, and support that they need to advance their goals.

While most of our community of professionals and executives live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, the world renowned epicenter for technology, there are also several contributing members located all across the United States.  If a charity in need is physically located outside our realm of volunteers, we offer services that can be performed remotely such as web hosting, database maintenance, e-mail campaigning, etc.

Interested in finding out how we might be able to help the cause that you represent or are passionate about?  Drop us a line and we’ll be pleased to discuss your charity’s technology situation.  We can then assess together how our dedicated network of professionals can share our strategic wisdom and insights to support you.  We cater to non-profit organizations of all sizes and range.  Alternatively, if you are a technologist who would like to give back to the community by joining our cause, we would love to hear from you as well.  We have several deserving charities from all over the world in dire need of your skills and contribution.  I look forward to working with you!

Warmest Wishes,

Eren Niazi

Our Team

Eren Niazi

Eren Niazi

Founder & Visionary

Eren is our founder and visionary. He is a pioneer for Open Source to the Enterprise level it is today, as well as has worked with some of the biggest names in technology to date.


Web 2.0 Services
Web 2.0 Services

Website Design

Site Audits

Branding and logo design

Search engine optimization (SEO) and strategy

Online Services
Online Services

Project planning and resource scheduling

Campaign management and email planning


Video Audio Communication Strategy

Software Services
Software Services

Software development

Mobile apps

Facebook apps

Leverage of Open Source for resource optimization

Database Services
Database Services

Data collaboration and information management

Reviews and solutions

On-site and remote assistance

Security and safe online transactions

All you need! and so much more.’s services range from conception and strategy to implementation and maintenance.  We work with charities of all sizes to provide technology solutions to meet their goals for events, fundraising, communication, networking, advocacy and so much more.

We're passionate about helping you!

Apart from the above mentioned functions, we are prepared to take on any other unique challenge your charity is currently facing with respect to technology. is composed of seasoned veterans and motivated, gifted technologists who will make it their mission to find your solution.

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Our Mission is committed to helping charities get the technological assistance they need so they can touch the lives of others.  Our organization has reached out to causes worldwide, and we are looking to expand our mission.  Our purpose is to help a wide range of charities and non-profits maximize technology use to attain their goals.

> Under Privileged and Handicapped Children has a special interest in children who have to go without basic human needs such as nutrition, clean water, health care, clothing, and shelter because of poverty.  These children are often left stranded on the streets without anyone to care for them especially in underdeveloped countries.  

Apart from meeting their basic survival needs, backs organizations that help the little ones get a better shot at life and stand on their own feet through education and vocational training.

> Aids

Inhabited by just over 12% of the world's population, Africa is estimated to house more than 60% of the AIDS-infected population of the world.  Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected region housing an estimated 22 million people living with HIV.  To date, more than eleven million children have been orphaned by AIDS in the Sub-Saharan region.  

Even though most of the AIDS support is concentrated in Africa, it should be kept in mind that AIDS has also spread to many other parts of the world, including the western world.  AIDS is a serious threat to drug users who inject themselves.  Our charities help AIDS victims who have acquired the virus through drug user by providing counseling during this traumatic period as even today, in many parts of the world AIDS victims are subjected to social stigma.  Although AIDS is incurable, our charities are motivated to provide treatments that can facilitate the infected person’s life.

> Breast Cancer

According to American Cancer Society, an estimated 192,370 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to occur among women in the US during 2009; about 1,910 new cases are expected in men. believes in empowering communities to prevent cancer and save lives.  

We support charities fighting against Breast cancer by helping maintain volunteer databases, mobilizing online dispensing of information, education, online campaigning and whatever other technical assistance that can be provided in order to help patients overcome the challenges presented by the disease.

> Human Trafficking

People trafficking is a human rights abuse that often targets women and children, and exploits the weakest members of the human society, preying on their limited access to social services and protections.  In fact of the 600,000-800,000 people trafficked across international borders each year, an estimated 70 percent are female and 50 percent are children.  The majority of these victims are then forced into the commercial sex trade. (Ibid.)  Others are trapped in various forms of slavery and made to work in quarries, sweatshops, farms, as domestics or child soldiers. supports charities like that combat human trafficking through prevention, prosecution, and victim protection.  We assist survivors of human trafficking by providing them access to resources to rebuild their lives.

> Children Suffering from Cancer

In the U.S., over 12,000 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year, approximately 3,000 of them will not survive the disease.(  The life of the child along with those of the family members usually turns upside down after diagnosis.  A roller coaster of emotions follows with every procedure, treatment side effects and resulting social isolation. helps match up families with charities to help them with this struggle.  Parents are given the resources and counseling they need to deal with their child’s condition so they could make it through this darkest time in their lives.  We also provide charities with technical assistance to increase public awareness about early detection, treatment options and to maintain financial help libraries.


We're Open to New Causes

At ErenNiazi .org, we realize that there is a true power in giving, as we have witnessed it first hand through our volunteers who have managed to touch many lives by committing to these causes.

In addition to the charities that we’re currently working with, is always open to lending our technology expertise to new causes.  Whenever you approach us for a deserving cause and we find that we are able to contribute towards fulfilling your technological needs, we consider it our highest privilege to be a part of your fight.  We’re always willing to help charities that are committed to helping others!

We are Interested In

Animal Rights
Social Welfare
Missing Persons
Special Needs
Human rights
Non-Profit Research

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Now is the Time!

Many people feel they have a calling, but they aren't sure if they have anything to contribute, so they don't do anything.


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What if you could use your skills to help people around the world?  Is that something you could say no to?  Would you really say no if you knew others needed you?

You could be a tech savvy college student who is wondering how to contribute back to the world.  Or you might be a gifted programmer, a software engineer, an online marketer or even a technocrat CEO and you are looking for means to give back in a way that you are comfortable with. can provide you with the right opportunity to save lives.  Join us today. It is never too late to become part of a cause!

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"If you dream of a world where people do not suffer, now is the time to create that world."

– Tyler Bel, Communications Director

"We can’t change the world alone, but together, we can make a huge impact."

– Eren Niazi, Founder & Visionary


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